2020 Sustainability Report – Message from our CEO

2020 will be a year to remember. COVID-19 challenged all aspects of doing business, and in doing so, reinforced our belief that a commitment to sustainable business practice is the only way forward. As they say, every cloud has its silver lining and some of the temporary setbacks we experienced this year gave us a better understanding of our business and resulted in some wonderful insights to share.

Our core values of providing quality coffee, establishing strong customer relationships, and valuing our employees came into laser focus this year as we were faced with business disruptions at home in the form of lockdowns and closures, and abroad with coffee supply and shipping.

We turned to these core values to create our strategy for COVID-19, keeping in mind that our first priority was to keep people employed. We knew this was the best way we could support our team and keep the business going with some semblance of normalcy. Rising to the challenge, Nomad employees demonstrated exceptional adaptability and commitmment to remote work.

Our strong customer relationships kept our roastery open and grew the retail side of our business with some changes to how we operate day-to-day.. These changes made open and honest customer and supplier communication more of a cornerstone than ever before, and we remain grateful for the long-standing partnerships that made difficult discussions easier to have. As a result, we were successful in upholding all our coffee purchasing agreements and we were able to reassure our coffee partners of our commitment to their coffee.

This time of crisis made us rethink our responsibility to the future. In April of 2021, we appointed a full-time Sustainability Manager to take our wish list of ideas and turn them into a reality. This report gives some insight into our achievements in 2021 and our upcoming projects for 2022.

Enjoy reading.



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